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Making a Virtual Impact

Making an impact in the lives of some of our most vulnerable individuals; allowing for socializing in a time when we need it most while practicing social distancing.

During this unprecedented situation, TIPES has been working around the clock to assist our families.  We at TIPES understand that children with autism and other exceptionalities need:

  1. A steady routine
  2. Interaction with peers
  3. Contact with staff

By offering online sessions, it is our hope to:

  1. Help our children continue to make progress
  2. Assist families to enable their children to excel at home
  3. Support the development of adaptive behaviours in the home environment

We recognize that interruptions to these services will make it more difficult for our families during this time.  We want to do what we can to prevent children from feeling the negative effects of time without therapy. Therefore, the TIPES team is designing an online program that will allow you access to virtual programming.

This program will allow families to obtain programming instruction, program supervision, parent coaching and consultations from home. 

Our packages will allow access to:

One-on-one Direct Instruction tutoring programs

Ongoing interaction with peers and teachers through Virtual Classrooms

Online activities to do at home together

Individual counselling and support

Continued therapy for children working on the higher levels of ABLLS-R, AIM, PEAK or AFLS programming

**Children who typically engage in aggressive behaviours resulting in an inability to take part in group activities can now participate and feel like they are part of a group! **

TIPES hopes to continue to support our families and the community through access to learning activities at home, continued virtual contact with peers, instructors and teachers, and counselling support.  We are hopeful that this program will mitigate regression by allowing our children to maintain a semblance of routine and connection during these restrictive times. 

During this period of required isolation and social distancing, we will have community, providing connection and group activities to our children and their families. Furthermore, siblings and typical peers will be able to participate to encourage socialization, integration and role modelling.

Please note:

In order to qualify for virtual educational services, learners need to be able to sit and attend online learning sessions for one hour at a time, not require physical prompting, and not engage in escape maintained behaviour.

For virtual counselling sessions, participants need to complete an initial intake interview to ensure the service is a proper fit.

Please contact Jennifer Wyatt should you have any questions at or by phone at: 613.859.0337.

Disclaimer:  The use of TIPES Virtual Services will include children interacting with TIPES employees via video chat, and TIPES makes no representations and accepts no liability for the security of online services like Zoom and Skype. For a better understanding of the security measures in place for these services please refer to the policies of Zoom ( and Skype (

To ensure the quality of the programming being delivered via online learning, TIPES will record certain sessions with the consent of parents to review and refine techniques for better service delivery. This information will be retained for internal use only and will not be shared in any form with any third party organizations.

Please be aware that while TIPES will be providing online learning supports, TIPES employees are unable to supervise children via these online services. TIPES online learning solutions are not a substitute for in-person childcare.

To find out more about virtual learning, please contact Angela at

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