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Our online services have been progressing well and we are happy to see our children enjoying the new platform that allows ongoing connections with peers and staff.  Though we have faced no issues, TIPES has been staying up to date with all news and regulations regarding online services.  In light of the recent Public Service Announcement (PSA) regarding online sessions, TIPES wants to assure families that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safest virtual platforms are utilized for our sessions. 

There has been some controversy regarding Zoom’s current standing with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Personal Health Information Act (PHIPA) regulations.  Zoom is HIPPA and EU GDPR credentialled (where the EU GDPR is the closest equivalent to PHIPA and PIPEDA).  We are aware that the PHIPA requirements are a bit stricter than the HIPPA requirements and have taken the added measures and directives from the FBI PSA to ensure the utmost protection for our clients.  To view the PSA, please click here.

The main issue arising regarding zoom security has to do with large Zoom meetings that are open access. From the beginning of our virtual services, TIPES has been working to ensure that our meetings are safe through the use of passwords and waiting rooms.  All meetings will have new, randomly generating meeting ID’s and passwords.  Additionally, all participants will need to be admitted to the meeting by the meeting host, ensuring only those who should be in the meeting have access to it.    

Furthermore, there has been some concern specifically around PIPEDA regulations and we would like to ensure that no client documentation is being uploaded to or sent through Zoom.  PIPEDA regulates the use of electronic documents but has no regulations regarding electronic services.  You can download the full PIPEDA Guide here.

PHIPA has started to add regulations regarding the use of electronic services.  Despite the fact that these regulations are not yet in effect, TIPES is working to ensure compliance practices are already in place.  You can read the full PHIPA c. 3 sched. A content with new regulations in grey by clicking here

Zoom has developed a document that provides more information regarding their compliance measures for both PIPEDA and PHIPA, which can be viewed here