Rachael Riethman

ESDM Supervisor and Counsellor

Rachael Riethman is committed to working with children with autism and helping them reach their full potential. She is certified through the MIND Institute, University of California, Davis, as an Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) trainer and shares this expertise in providing early intervention.
Rachael has an undergraduate degree in science and has attained post-graduate studies in autism from the University of North Texas and Algonquin College. Rachael has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.

In her role as Supervisor of ESDM at TIPES, Rachael is responsible for conducting assessments and developing intervention plans for children with autism using the ESDM therapy model, as well as working closely with instructor therapists. Rachael provides training and support to parents to ensure continuity of learning in all environments. In her role as a Counsellor, Rachael helps clients who seek additional support and guidance in mental health.  To read more about counselling sessions with Rachael, click here.