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Social Integration

We have put together the Social Integration Program to help our students develop interpersonal skills and the social skills needed to form relationships and interact with peers.

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum often lack the ability to spontaneously learn reciprocal social interaction.  Their limited ability to communicate, especially during play with peers, leads to a lack of developed peer relationships and can leave them vulnerable to exclusion and bullying.  

Through our social groups and activities, your children get the opportunity to develop their reciprocal social skills in a safe and caring environment.  

Our current Social Integration Programs:

Children’s Friendship and PEERS

Click here to read more about the these Friendship Trainings on our Workshops Page

In addition, as part of our ABA/IBI programming, our full day students are able to participate in a Weekly Social Group and/or Cooking Club. 

TIPES frequently hosts a variety of workshops for both parents and professionals to provide more information and education regarding ABA therapy using the models of ESDM, discreet trial training and verbal behaviour. We also work with other professionals to provide workshops on various topics to assist families and professionals.  Our senior therapists, along with various educational consultants, share information on the background of ABA therapies, provide program development and delivery presentations.

Our Current and Upcoming Workshops:

Children’s Friendship Training

This is a 10-week, evidence-based, friendship learning program to teach children ages 9-12, the skills required to make and keep friends. There will be 2 groups running in the Fall, 2019. Please email Marnie at to get on the waiting list or register below:

Fall Tuesday Group:

Fall Thursday Group:


This is a 12-week, evidence-based, friendship program that teaches teens 13-17 years old the skills required to make and keep friends.

Our next group starts Spring, 2020. Please email Marnie at to get on the waiting list or to register. For the information on the cost of this program please contact Marnie.

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