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Job Readiness

TIPES will be offering a Vocational Skills Training program for teens and young adults on Saturdays and some weekdays (TBD). 

Students who participate in the Vocational Skills Training will learn key skills on how to manage a typical job through placement into positions within the community. Throughout the program, students will be exposed to different situations and occupations in order to learn a variety of skills. Where relevant, students are also coached on how to look for job openings, draft and produce cover letters and curriculum vitae. 

The purpose of the program is to enhance skills for procuring future employment and to prepare the students for typical settings and situations they may encounter in the workplace.

For more information regarding our Vocational Skills Training program, please contact Marnie at

Finding and keeping a job can be challenging for individuals with autism. According to Autism Speaks, the majority of adults on the autism spectrum are either underemployed or don’t have a job. But the good news is you can successfully land a job—and become successful with it—by having the right tools at your disposal.

Based on the curriculum, TIPES offers Job Readiness preparation training for teens and young adults.

Utilizing the Job Ready curriculum, we help our learners with career preparation and developing a mature attitude towards working.  We help our learners determine what types of jobs are right for them and work with them to build a resume and gain references.  Our team will then assist with the job search and help prepare the earner for interviews.

We work with learners to build interpersonal skills such as politeness, hygiene, and how to discuss issues with an employer.  We can also work with learners to build additional life skills, such as planning a budget and working through negative experiences on the job.

For more information regarding Job Readiness, please contact Angela at

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