Rachael Riethman, B.Sc., MA, RP-Q

Rachael is a registered psychotherapist – qualifying, who provides counselling to teens and adults seeking support for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, school, work, or family stress.  She draws from cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, and mindfulness.  Rachael believes in working with clients to assist them in managing the effect of their current mental health concerns, allowing them to function at their optimal mental health levels.

Rachael has worked in the autism field for fifteen years and understands the unique effects autism has on individuals and their families.  She is able to counsel individuals with high-functioning autism who may be experiencing anxiety or depression, as well as family members who are looking for a counsellor who understands autism.

Rachael is supervised by Dr. J. Sherman.  Her services may be eligible for coverage through your extended health care benefits. Please check with your insurer.

To connect with Rachael, please send her an email at rachael@tipes.ca.


Marnie Potter MSW, RSW

Marnie has extensive experience in Systems Navigation and navigating the Health Care System. She also has a background in facilitating groups for children, youth and adults with a focus on chronic illness, LGBTTQ issues, parent supports, and ASD/Disability. If you are looking for counseling in any of these areas, please get in touch with Marnie to discuss your needs.

She works from a strength based, problem solving perspective while taking a close look at the intersectionalities that exist in peoples’ lives and the barriers that exist for some of our most vulnerable families.

To connect with Marnie, please send her an email at marnie@tipes.ca.


Saleema Eileen Giltinan, B.Sc., MA

Saleema’s counselling approach starts from the premise that none of us are “broken”, none of us “need to be fixed”.  Saleema works with children, youth and adults from the stand point that we are all whole and complete right now, fully equipped to handle whatever comes our way.  She understands, however, that knowing this does not mean everything is easy, and for that reason, she works with her clients to help them realize the strength, courage and love that are theirs to access. 

Saleema shows people how they are already using their innate intuition to problem solve. Then, she helps them to expand and deepen their intuitive skills. 

To connect with Saleema, please send her an email at saleema@tipes.ca.

“There is great wisdom in Hamlet’s statement, “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Understanding this idea relieves stress and promotes well being.  Let us ponder this together as I teach how to apply it to the daily challenges we face.”