Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) Therapies

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is a set of principles and practicies that utilizes methodologies derived from principles of behaviour that are subsequently applied to improve socially significant behaviour. Experimentation is also utilized to ascertain variable factors responsible for an improvement in behaviour (Cooper, J., Heron, T., & Heward, W. (2007). Applied Behavior Analysis (2 ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Education).

TIPES provides individual Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy through a team approach consisting of an educational consultant, senior and junior therapist. A psychologist is available to provide individual assessments. Children are initially assessed using The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (Revised) (ABLLS-R) in order to develop a program that is unique to their needs. The child is guided towards success through positive reinforcement and motivation. ABA is offered as both full day and half-day programs to children between the ages of 2-10.

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is the application of ABA principles in an intense, one-on-one setting. Methods of teaching are individualized for your child. IBI incorporates data analysis and records are kept of your child’s progress so that informed evaluation may occur at frequent intervals. IBI is done on a one-to-one basis with trained professionals.

Research shows that ABA should be used intensively between the ages of 2-6, therefore, it is recommended that children participate in ABA/IBI as often as possible during these formative years. In later years, as the children transition into school, ABA programming is still available to focus on skills that the children need to learn, for examples, self-help skills, life skills, social skills and/or academic skills.

Social Integration Programs

TIPES offers Social Integration Programs for Junior and Senior Kindergarten aged children, teenagers and young adults. Group social programs are delivered using the principles of ABA. Therapists help youth develop functional communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) and appropriate emotional responses. They also help youth in building friendships and trusting relationships with peers and adults. The focus of the program is to help youth with Autism and other exceptionalities feel comfortable in social situations.  Please be advised that some social programs will meet at different locations in order to maximize the use of taught skills within the natural setting.

Due to the positive gains and success of previous social integration programs, as well as high demand, TIPES has taken its Social Integration Programs and divided them into more defined groups.  These groups range from Saturday morning groups for kindergarten aged children to special one-off, evening events for teens and young adults.

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French Social Program Summer 2013 (ages 3-6)

Kinder Social Day Program (ages 3-6)

Saturday Afternoon Teen Group (Ages 10-18)

Saturday Kinder Social Groups (Ages 3-6)

Teen Board Game Night (Ages 13-17)

Young Adults Night (Ages 18-25)

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Vocational Skills Training

TIPES offers Vocational Skills Training programs for teens and young adults on Saturdays and some weekdays. Students are undertake training to facilitate learning regarding managing a typical job and are placed in positions within the community. While in the program, students are coached through different skills in order to increase the exposure to various situations and occupations. Where relevant, students are also coached in locating job openings and drafting and producing cover letters and curriculum vitae. The purpose of the program is to enhance skills for procuring future employment and to prepare the students for typical settings and situations that they may encounter in the workplace.

Family Relief Services (Respite)

Our experienced and knowledgeable therapists are available to provide respite services to families of a child, teen or young adult attending TIPES. Parents can be confident that their child is in good hands. Respite services can make a world of difference for parents, providing them the chance to rest, reconnect or recharge. Respite services are available after school and by appointment on evenings and weekends and offered to children and teens between the ages of 2-18.

Workshops for Families and Professionals

Various workshops are frequently made available to parents and professionals to provide more information and education regarding ABA therapy and/or Lovass therapy. The workshops are presented by our Senior Therapists and various educational consultants. Workshops include background information on ABA therapy and/or Lovass therapy. Workshops include demonstrations of program development and delivery, as well as new and innovative ideas that TIPES seeks to implement.

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Attention Enhancement and Work Completion Program

This program was created for children who have difficulty remaining focused in their classes and sustaining attention to their school work as they are easily distracted and can be highly restless and fidgety. This program offers a comprehensive psychological assessment aimed at identifying the causes of these problems. Following this identification, interventions are created to augment the ability of these children to pay attention and complete their work. Services are delivered both in the child’s natural classroom and in the TIPES environment. The TIPES classroom is used to create a foundation of attending and work completion skills that can be generalized to the child’s classroom of origin.

Programs such as Defiant Child Training, ADHD Coaching and Tutoring are offered in affiliation with Dr Sherman & Associates.

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Dr Jeff Sherman