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Client Testimonials
"When our son arrived at TIPES, at 25 months, he was coming off a steep developmental regression where he had lost all his words and all his imitation skills. He was unable to perform the simplest imitation tasks when asked, such as clapping or touching his nose. He was very hard to engage in play, had little interest in his two brothers, and his eye contact was sporadic. Within days of starting at TIPES, Martin was picking up new words and he mastered imitation (such an important skill for his development) within weeks. He loved going to TIPES every day, which made us even happier with our decision to start his therapy there. Six months later, our son was a different child. He was spontaneously using hundreds of words to communicate, he knew all his letters and numbers, he engaged with us and his brothers constantly, could follow almost any simple direction, and he could ride a tricycle! We are so grateful to TIPES for helping our son reach his potential, and for doing it all while having a great time."

"Jennifer and Deborah Wyatt are amazing and wonderful people. They go out of their way to make sure that children with Autism and other additional exceptionalities are always taken care of and not forgotten. Their combined experience and knowledge is worthy of any nationally recognized clinic. They could make incredible profits for their services, yet they have founded a local charitable educational and therapeutic service." Marta and Tim

"When our son was diagnosed at 2, he was non-verbal and threw temper tantrums when he couldn't communicate. While he was often a happy-go-lucky child, he had few social interests, had difficulties playing, and rarely made sustained eye contact. Ultimately, this led to him being expelled from two different daycares. To make matters worse, he was also a troubled sleeper, and on occassion self-mutiliated during the night. We were a sleep-deprived family feeling lost in a sea of endless waiting lists. We were trying to help him as best we could, but he clearly needed help that was beyond what we or the public OHIP system could do. This is when we found TIPES. From the first phone call we felt supported by their staff. They worked with us to determine the best therapies (including IBI and Social Integration) to help our son and fit our budget. They consulted with us in the home, and willingly collaborated with OCTC OT and Speech-Language therapists. Two years later, thanks to TIPES, our son has a voice, plays with friends, and is getting ready for Kindergarten at his local public school. TIPES has been the difference in our family's future." Allison and Shawn

"We gave our son life and TIPES is giving him the tools to live." Chris and Dave

"Jennifer started working with our 14 year old son Matthew 12 months ago. This has been a particularly difficult time for Matthew as the impact of his disability (autism) has been accentuated by the challenges of adolescence. During this time Jennifer has brought her knowledge, dedication, enthusiasm and resilience to bear across a variety of settings, including home based intensive therapy and school based support in an integrated environment which has also included intensive therapy. Jennifer has also focused on applying Matthew's skills in everyday settings. I have a high degree of trust in Jennifer focusing on what is best for Matthew. We leave Canada in June 2008 to return to New Zealand. I am sure that Thinking in Pictures will go from strength to strength into the future." Andrew Needs, Deputy High Commissioner, New Zealand High Commission - Ottawa

"Our son Henry is three years old. He is cortically visually impaired, with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and suffers from seizures. We have seen big changes in the way Henry plays with his toys in the last four months. Instead of simply banging toys together, he now presses buttons on toys, pushes cars and plays with the toy zoo among other toys appropriately. He has started to use his spoon to help feed himself and is showing more interest in daily routines such as washing his hands and brushing his teeth. He is more confident when sitting, and he is currently able to sit for up to five minutes at a time unassisted. He had begun to show an interest in walking when held upright. Deborah has been extremely encouraging, and Henry greatly enjoys her visits. She is also very good at including the other members of the family. We look forward to continuing to work with Deborah and celebrating Henry's future successes." Miranda and Terry

"In the 8 months since TIPES has been involved, our son has made remarkable gains. Before Jennifer and Deborah began working with our son, Jackson made no eye contact, was non-verbal, would tantrum regularly throughout the day and had huge deficits in his fine and gross motor skills. Today, Jackson greets people with open arms, looks them in the face, and responds to verbal commands. He is also now starting to use words. The ABA programme implemented by TIPES has had a positive impact on our family, and has given us direction and hope that our son will continue to make gains in his development." Joanne and David

TIPES has changed my son’s life. He has been there for three years now and is a completely different child from when he started. They really care about him and want him to do well and will go to any effort to ensure his success. Whether it be modifying a behaviour service plan, feeding program, integrating other professionals in his therapy (ensuring a multi-disciplinary approach) they work with me to ensure we are doing what is best for him. The team is great – The management team is very open and honest, and approachable. They consider my suggestions and listen to my concerns and address them promptly. The Senior Therapist is exceptionally qualified and my son has been successful because of her leadership. The therapists are great and each use their individual approach to work with my son. Mandeep

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