Angela Gogolin – Social Integration Coordinator & ABA Consultant

Angela Gogolin is a Social Integration Coordinator at TIPES. As a Social Integration Coordinator, Angela provides ABA intervention, designs and implements social integration programs and consults directly with parents and professionals regarding daily activities and programs. In addition to implementing these services at the TIPES center and other environments, Angela also supports in-home intervention to provide a more comprehensive service.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Studies from Carleton University. Additionally, she has obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Education and a graduate certificate in Autism and Behavioral Science from Algonquin College. She is currently furthering her education by working towards her Registered Behavioral Technician certification.

Since beginning to work with individuals with exceptionalities in 2008, Angela has shown passion and dedication in helping children develop to their full potential. She believes that each person deserves and benefits the most from individualized teaching which is tailored to their unique strengths, abilities and needs. She also believes that working collaboratively with the child’s families is key to not only providing their child with the necessary skills but also ensures the families have the tools and skills required to support their child. Like the old saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”.

Angela is currently working at the Kanata Montessori School (KMS) location.