As Jennifer and Deborah Wyatt (Founders) prepared to make the leap from school to the working world they both knew they had to achieve one thing to find happiness; service others. Their grandfather, John Alexander Wyatt was a strong advocate and role model for both Jennifer and Deborah growing up. He instilled in both girls the importance of inclusion regardless of differences and to always support the less fortunate. Both Jennifer and Deborah have strong interests in health, mental health and developmental exceptionalities. With the influence of their grandfather and their interests, TIPES was born.

Thinking In Pictures Education Services, better known as TIPES was founded in 2007. TIPES has grown from the original dynamic duo of Jennifer and Deborah Wyatt to a staff of 30 plus individuals who all have the students of TIPES best interests at heart. As a team, TIPES offers over a dozen programs in efforts to reach each individual in the community who requires assistance. While originating with offering services to children and youth, TIPES added adult services in 2014. It also grew from offering services in Ottawa to offering services in Ottawa, Kingston, Renfrew County, Cornwall, Leeds and Grenville county.

Since its inception TIPES has serviced over 250 families in Ontario.

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